1. Prove Me Wrong


Prove Me Wrong is a song for people who have been burned by love. No more fairytales. I am not going to save you and you are not going to save me. But I can never quite give up on that inner spark that wants to open to love. It’s like my inner scientist and romantic in conversation. I am sceptical but willing to be proved wrong

“It was the first song I wrote after emerging from a really dark period of grief and trauma in my life. I thought I’d never write again. So it was a surprise that what came out was quite playful and celebratory as well as honest. Perhaps it expresses the relief of having a second chance.”

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Prove Me Wrong

Artist :
Title : Prove Me Wrong
Release Date : November 29, 2019
Catalog ref. : LB0003
Format : Digital Download

About the artwork

The artwork, dubbed “The Rebirth of Venus,” was created by collage artist Linzie Elliott.
“I mentioned that Botticelli painting to Linzie and this is what she came up with; I love it because it captures the freshness along with the oceans of pain we have to navigate in order to work through the past and be free to dance with life again.”