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Come Over Tonight is a song about intimacy and desire; it’s also about conflict and healing. How often do I really listen to another person, without trying to fix or change them so I don’t have to experience the discomfort of their suffering? The world feels more divided than ever. Within desire there is passion and also the possibility of compassion. Can I hold another’s rage without judgment, and allow myself to be held in that way too? 

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Come Over Tonight

Artist :
Release Date : March 6, 2020
Format : Digital Download

About the artwork

The artwork is a polaroid taken on a photoshoot with an all-female power team including photographer Emma Viola Lilja, stylist Faye Heran and makeup artist Margherita Lascala. Luna wears a top by sustainable designer (also female!) Tramp In Disguise and a vintage skirt from Beyond Retro.
“It was important to me on that shoot that everything I wore was preloved or sustainably made. It’s not always possible to live by your values but when it is, I think it is vital, and invigorating. Faye was great on this, she totally got my vision and ran with it. We had an amazing shopping trip where everything just seemed to fall into place.”