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Free Isolation

Taken almost a year before the Coronavirus pandemic, these shots portray a haunting premonition of what’s to come – isolated streets bringing freedom as well as loneliness; the pharmacy and takeaway restaurants – some of the few shops to remain open during lockdown – are the ones featured in the background by pure chance. The “Stop” sign struck us at the time as a symbol of environmental crisis – little did we know that the whole world would soon grind to a halt. The old fashioned telephone box beckons a return to the communication that would replace face to face meeting during “these difficult times.”

Concept – Luna Bec & Faye Heran

Photographer – Emma Viola Lilja

Stylist – Faye Heran

Hair & Makeup – Margherita Lascala

Dress – Phannatiq

Boots – Dr. Martens

© 2019 Luna Bec