Friends I have an exciting project on the go and I need your help! So here we are in a global pandemic, many of us in lockdown around the world. I have noticed that despite the dark and troubling times, there is also a growing sense of community and camaraderie between people as we attempt to connect across the distance.

My latest single is “Come Over Tonight,” seemingly an ironic title now, since that is the last thing any of us can do….but we can reach each other via the magic of the internet! So here’s my plan: I invite you to film yourself singing along to the song, playing along, dancing along or just vibing along in your own unique way! Send me the footage and I’ll put it together. It’s an experiment, but hey – I have some time on my hands…

The song is really about coming together, facing the challenges life brings and holding one another as a community despite our differences. It is a celebration of love, of what really matters in life. For me personally that is all made clearer by the isolation I now feel.

Don’t worry about your video quality just send me something real. You can upload and send for free via WeTransfer to I can’t wait to see your contributions! And please share the invitation far and wide! Let’s go global with this 🙂

Below is the link to the track on Soundcloud along with the lyrics – if you are featured in the video I will add you to the credits so don’t forget to include your name and location too!

Alternatively you can also find the song on all the major streaming platforms if that’s your medium of choice:

Here are the lyrics again!

Come over tonight
Bring your weapons
Bring your rage
I can hold them all
Come over tonight
Bring your fire
Bring your hate
I can hold it all
Bring yourself
The parts you cannot love
I will kiss them

Come over tonight
Bring your body
Bring your mind
I can hold them all
Come over tonight
Bring your chaos
Bring your fear
I will touch it
Bring your heart
The tender and the hard
No matter who you are
I’ll be there for you

All of you
All of me
No past no future
Come over tonight
We can lie outside
Under the stars
And feel it all
Just as it is


Deadline extended for lockdown! Try to get me something by 1st May 🙂

Luna Bec

Community Environment Music Video

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